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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  December 30, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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interrupted when a car cares
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into the funeral home. what police say the two teens in car were doing before impac "eyewitness news" >> funeral services interrupted when a car crime scene car crashes into a funeral home. >> the fiscal cliff. no one expected a massive rescue when one man falls through the ice in frigid waters. good evening. an out of control slams into a funeral home. police suspect drag racing. >> the funeral home has been boarded up and in this pile of debris you can see where the car came crashing
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through. >> a close call for a group of funeral tend ee attend ees. after i end the side room we thought it was an earthquake. police say the teenage driver was going way over that speed and possibly racing another car. >> there may have been an unsafe laeng change that led to the collision. >> just so happens it was a funeral for michael dunne. he was a freelance photographer. >> mike was the first on the scene. i know my brother would have been the first one there if he was still
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alive. >> one person who was in the lobby got hit by the car and taken to the hospital. the 2 teenagers were taken to a trauma center. police say they face charges of reckless driving and speed racing. >> a horrible tragedy, 2 people die including a child in a fire in a town house on bridgeport court. a couple and their granddaughter were trapped. the entire building was already engulfed in flames. fire fighters tried to help but it was too late. >> this fire got a big hit start on us and burned really fast, it consumed really fast even though it was a 3 minute response for us. >> they lived in the complex for
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about 20 years. a family member staying in a nearby apartment grabbed a nearly empty fire extinguisher. >> a manhunt for a man in oakland who shot a 15 year-old girl. on 56th avenue. a 14 year-old boy was also wounded. the suspect is between 13 and 16 years old. that makes 131 homicide in oakland. a 26 percent in years from 2011. that's a one-third increase over last year. san jose's 45 is still low for almost a million people but still 12 1/2 percent higher than 2011.
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rich mond is no longer on the most dangerous list. this year 18 people were killed from 45 3 years ago. it's the lowest number since 2001. a big credit to extra officers. they have gone from 40 to 190 officers in recent years. >> hilary clinton was supposed to go back to work but instead she's in the hospital suffering from a blood clot. reports on what caused the problem. >> secretary of state hilary clinton is in the hospital being treated for a blood clot. they will monitor her condition for the next 48 hours. in the statement, in the curious of a follow up exam the doctors discovered a blood clot from a fall she
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sustained several weeks ago while she was suffering from a stomach virus. >> clinton is winding down her time as secretary of state. she is scheduled to step down next month. edward lawrence for c. b. c. news new york. >> a grueling schedule for secretary of state. >> in less than 24 hours everyone's taxes will go up unless congress can manage to stifle the deal. reporter shows us after negotiations on capitol hill, there is still no agreement. members of congress left meetings in capitol hill sunday without a deal. the so-called fiscal cliff.
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>> there is still significant distance between the 2 sides but negotiations continue. >> if republicans and democrats can't strike a deal, tax rates will go up for all americans and automatic tax cuts will kick in and millions will lose unemployment benefits. i want this done. >> they withdrew the proposal but cut the deficit by slowing social security. there is some movement as both sides try compromise about which americans start paying tax rates. >> republicans don't want to see new revenues, in other words democrat tax increase being used for new spending. >> in unusual move republicans called for a no. 2 democrat, biden to help with negotiations as the white house places a lot of blame on the impasse. >> they say the bill biggest
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priority is we deal with the debit. their way is the only priority that tax breaks for wealth americans are protected. >> if a deal isn't reached, the president wants to introduce legislation to keep tax cuts for people earning more than 200 thousand a year. >> it wasn't only grid lock in washington. they are going to keep milk prices from rising next month. the agriculture secretary of state says without it we could pay $7 a gallon. >> the woman charged for pushing a man from a platform on a subway
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train. the 31 year-old was quoted by the district attorney's office saying it would be cool pushing someone from a train. she blames the muslim, hindus and egyptian for the 911 attack. a daring rescue that prevented tragedy. it was a rare christmas experience on the mountains of los angeles, fresh snow and ice for people that rarely see it. few seemed concerned until. >> we saw his arms flailing, someone said he can't swim and then it turned to panic. >> they were there with a camera. at first all they can do is watch
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in horror as a man who rushed to help fell through the ice, then another. 6 would be rescuer's in all were in icy waters. >> we saw the guy go under 3 times and the third time we didn't think he was coming back up. >> the victims clam oerd for inner tubes and people tried to toss a lifeline. after several failed attempts everyone made it to safety. the man who fell first had been in the water for nearly 10 minutes. >> we were really thankful he got out. it was christmas day and this man being in cold water may die here. >> bystanders shared their clothes to the victims. >> carter, cbs news los angeles.
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>> a close call for a driver as a passenger jet crashes through the freeway over pass. >> all things come to an end, what drivers may be looking forward to is falling by the way side. >> it's going to be cold tonight especially in our interior valleys. plus your new year's eve forecast all coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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morning -- killing nine peo it happened in the eastern
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of the state near the city pendleton. the bus crashed a tower tour bus crashed and went down annen embankment and rescuer's used rope to rescue survivors. a camera, inside a months, striking several cars. happened as the plane slammed into the ground. 5 crew members were killed. there were no passengers on board. >> venezuela an president hugo chavez experience complications for
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cancer, his condition is delicate. >> in a fiery speech, he referred to president bush as the devil. >> and prepared to say good-bye to 2012 and also looking forward to a parking peshg in san francisco and why people need a pocketful of change beginning sunday. >> beginning next sunday, free ride, parking is over. >> they are already getting you monday through friday and saturday and now sunday. what are they doing next? 24 hours a day? >> possibly. she knows it's going to affect her church and she knows why. >> it's the money, but not the parking meter on sunday. >> the law will net the city an extra $200 million a year. >> i'm not too happy.
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>> in a amarna, the law isn't getting much business either. >> a lot of people come to the restaurants and they are not going to come. >> and it's not planning well and not being able to be decisive. >> now we have to pay. >> it goes into effect from noon to 6:00. if you have to feed the meter, >> cal trans has free rides beginning with 11:00 p.m. and will over rides
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from 8:00 p.m. to 6 p.m.. bark will not offer free rides but will extend service to 3:00 a.m.. in san francisco neighborhood a co-owner and chef was putting the finishing touches on the menu. >> we've been planning all month for new years products, writing a new menu. it almost takes a whole month to prepare for new year's eve. >> about a quarter of a million people are expected to attend and also a firework show. it's a celebration on new york time square but a celebration before,
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the crucial party. the airworthiness test. it's strategically placed to flow with the wind. crew sent it up. more than 30,000 l. cd will be ready to count down to 2013. what kind of weather can we expect next week? >> it is all about the cold temperature especially in the night hours in the next few days. 29 in some of our inland valleys. we are expecting widespread frost especially those interior valleys. clear skies and light wind. so we are watching this area of high pressure. sunshine and blue skies today and pretty cold this afternoon as well. >> so we are tracking any potential rain in our forecast with our
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future cast. it's looks like monday afternoon and evening things get a little settled. we could get maybe a sprinkle or 2. we are keeping that slight chance of some light showers in the forecast. for the most part that looks like mainly in the coastal regions and will continue to be cold through new years day. we are going to see plenty of sunshine. santa rosa 29, napa and fairfield only 30 degrees and slightly warmer in san francisco; over night lows 41. >> mainly in the low 50s as well. it's unseasonably cold for december. tahoe, a great day to head up
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and hit the slopes. yosemite plenty of sunshine and reading. >> over the next several days. chance of showers is possible into the afternoon in the evening on monday and tuesday plenty of sunshine and by wednesday things look a little unsettled and we could see a chance of rain wednesday afternoon into thursday and mainly north of the golden gate and saturday and sunday we could get warm weather. midnight it going to get cold, 45 degrees. >> thank you. up next the flick that stayed on top of the box office
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plus as we look back at the people we lost in 2012. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tarantino and "les miz" co't knock "the hobbit" off its x office
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perch. the fantasy epic was number one for a third weeka row. "the hobbit: an unexpected journey" took even kwint tarrantino, the hobbit took in almost $33 million. jiang oh and change and musical les miserables. >> 2012 was the year we say good-bye to legendary entertainers, sports star writers and heroes and her ions oines. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪
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vikings beat the green bay packers today... ...that met if the 49ers could close out arizona...they would not on win the nfc west but also g first round bye.... jim harbaugh a the minnesota viekkings beat the packers today. jim is looking for the division. cardinals jump out to 6 out. mike trade a 49-yard. 9ers took the lead. 2 76 yards. it was 17-6. san francisco, no. 51 for his career, an all time king. 9ers win 27-13. >> it's a 24 to 7 lead.
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raiders brought them back. it was less that 2 minutes left. the raiders are down 24-2 1. no time outs left. san diego recovers and they win. 4-12. back to 49ers. playoff tickets go on sale via ticket master tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.. >> now they have the weekend off. they already have a scheduled playoff game. they are going to be hosting the wild card winner out of the nfc, saturday january 12 at 5:00 p.m.. with two weeks off, that's something the 4ers9ers badly needed. ,,
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>> have a good night. ,,,,


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